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Putin's War on Terrorism: A Strategic Dead End

Baev, Pavel

Global Dialogue, Summer 2005, Vol.7(3/4), pp.81-92 [Tạp chí có phản biện]

ISSN: 14500590

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  • Nhan đề:
    Putin's War on Terrorism: A Strategic Dead End
  • Tác giả: Baev, Pavel
  • Chủ đề: Russia ; Putin, Vladimir ; Terrorism ; Public Policy ; Foreign Policy ; Analysis ; Presidents ; Eastern Europe ; Social Policy
  • Là 1 phần của: Global Dialogue, Summer 2005, Vol.7(3/4), pp.81-92
  • Mô tả: Beslan has marked a crucial watershed in the trajectory of President Vladimir Putin's counter-terrorist strategy. The applicability of the term "strategy" is certainly questionable, since the existence of a single, integrative aim behind the multi-directional efforts covered by the expression "counter-terrorism" has never been particularly clear in the Russian case. This paper examines the interplay between the war in Chechnya and other aspects of Putin's war against terrorism, seeking to demonstrate how the contradictions between these separate "compartments" resulted in the now apparent strategic dead-end. Regarding Russia's domestic policy, the analysis focuses on the instrumental use of counter-terrorism for regime consolidation and for transformation of the military structures. Regarding Russia's foreign policy, the focus is on Putin's desire to align his country with the US' "global war on terror" and to advance Russia's influence in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Overall, seeking...
  • Ngôn ngữ: English
  • Số nhận dạng: ISSN: 14500590

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