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Good RE artifacts? I know it when I use it!

Femmer, Henning ; Vogelsang, Andreas; Technische Universität Berlin; Technische Universität Berlin

DOI: 10.14279/depositonce-7129 ; ISSN: 0720-8928

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  • Nhan đề:
    Good RE artifacts? I know it when I use it!
  • Tác giả: Femmer, Henning ; Vogelsang, Andreas
  • Technische Universität Berlin; Technische Universität Berlin
  • Chủ đề: Datenverarbeitung; Informatik ; Requirements Engineering
  • Mô tả: The definition of high-quality or good RE artifacts is often provided through normative references, such as quality standards or text books (e.g., ISO/IEEE/IEC-29148). We see various problems of such normative references. Quality standards are incomplete. Several quality standards describe quality through a set of abstract criteria. When analyzing the characteristics in detail, we see that there are two different types of criteria: Some criteria, such as ambiguity, consistency, completeness, and singularity are factors that describe properties of the RE artifact itself. In contrast, feasibility, traceability and verifiability state that activities can be performed with the artifact. This is a small, yet important difference: While the former can be assessed by analyzing just the artifact by itself, the latter describe a relationship of the artifact in the context of its usage. Yet this usage context is incompletely represented in the quality standards: For example, why is it important that requirements can be implemented (feasible in the terminology of ISO-29148) and verified, but other activities, such as maintenance, are not part of the quality model? Therefore, we argue that normative standards do not take all activities into account systematically, and thus, are missing relevant quality factors. Quality standards are only implicitly context-dependent....
  • Nơi xuất bản: Technische Universität Berlin
  • Năm xuất bản: 2017
  • Ngôn ngữ: English
  • Số nhận dạng: DOI: 10.14279/depositonce-7129 ; ISSN: 0720-8928

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