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Here We Go Again-Maybe

Zelizer, Julian

Newsweek, Oct 20, 2008, Vol.152(16)

ISSN: 00289604 ; E-ISSN: 1069840X

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  • Nhan đề:
    Here We Go Again-Maybe
  • Tác giả: Zelizer, Julian
  • Chủ đề: Presidential Elections ; Liberalism ; American History ; Political Parties ; Democratic Party
  • Là 1 phần của: Newsweek, Oct 20, 2008, Vol.152(16)
  • Mô tả: While liberals have not quite achieved the strength of the conservative mobilization, we have evidence that something new is underway. In response to the [George W. Bush] administration and decades of feeling excluded, Democrats have created a strong grass-roots infrastructure, which was pivotal to Barack Obama's defeat of Hillary Clinton. During the summer, the Obamaites devoted extensive resources to making sure this apparatus was ready for November.
  • Ngôn ngữ: English
  • Số nhận dạng: ISSN: 00289604 ; E-ISSN: 1069840X

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