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Moving Toward a Just Peace The Mediation Continuum

Springer; 2014 - (341.584)

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  • Nhan đề:
    Moving Toward a Just Peace The Mediation Continuum
  • Chủ đề: Conflict management;  Pacific settlement of international disputes;  Peace
  • Mô tả: Mediation the facilitated discussion of disputes and conflicts is a flexible approach that can be used at all levels of intervention to move us toward a global peace that is both inclusive and fair  This volume edited by Jan Marie Fritz brings together mediators scholar practitioners and a veteran diplomat to discuss the life and times of mediation in very different settings  The 14 chapters include three essays about culture creativity and models theories approaches And there are ten chapters about practice community mediation mediation by police special education mediation interventions on behalf of widows in Nigeria capacity building work in Burundi mediation in Israel the creative facilitation of meetings community conferencing UN Security Council Resolution 1325 Women and Peace and Security and the role of civil society organizations in peacebuilding
  • Nơi xuất bản: Springer
  • Năm xuất bản: 2014
  • Định dạng: 369 p
  • Ngôn ngữ: English

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